Mediba Creative Farm by Torafu Architects

This is an office for a Shibuya based company  that is moving onto the IT business,  located in the HikarieBuilding. It comprises of 2200m2 of large open areas featuring common spaces, such as the front desk, meeting spaces and work spaces for around 400 workers.

Visitors to the office are greeted by a scenic entrance on the 31st floor, and the common spaces were designed as publicly accessible areas such as cafes. A large meeting room has movable walls, on which graphic images inspired by windows of the surrounding buildings are placed. The walls can be opened and closed depending on the need, such as for meetings and parties. Movable tables, planters, and furniture also change the flexibility of the meeting spaces.

Working spaces located along large desks which have been boldly arranged at an angle, allowing for a public environment that is constantly changing. Carpet is assigned according to different departments of the company, and offers changes to colour and direction between each desk and zone. As a result corners become junctions, where benches and furniture have been planned to trigger communication between workers.

Shelves are scattered throughout, such that landscape and scenery these create become landmarks in the large space. The shelves are made of stained oak, and have a texture of pin-up boards to add warmth to the working space. While these familiar shapes subtly divide up the entire area, it generates a liveliness within the working environment. To add to the unique landscape, a wooden tram controlled by smart phone technology runs slowly by the windows and through the furniture, carrying documents as if to connect the workers together.

We designed the office so that it can be a platform of ideas with a concept of ‘Creative Farm’.We used natural materials and materials so that warmth can be felt within this wide space, even in the urban context of Shibuya.

Architects: Torafu Architects
Location: Shibuya, Japan
Project Area: 2,200 sqm
Photographs: Courtesy of Torafu Architects



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