Danial by Reza Sayadian + Sara Kalantary

Danial apartment is located in North east district of Tehran. The neighborhood that Danial is constructed used to be summer houses and gardens and as Tehran expanded, the gardens were destroyed and trees where replaced by buildings. SO We decided to put back nature, being bold and remind people of lost nature.

The whole exterior facade is consisting of 20 tree-like panels. Each floor’s façade is covered by 4 of the panels which complete each other two by two, all installed on two rails which can be moved manually all along the rails horizontally, providing infinite choices to the resident who can control the panels from inside.

The variety in shapes of facade ,added by sunlight angels, have an unique effect on the interior,since by every inch of movement we have a new lighting and shadow dancing. We used the idea of shadow to design the ceiling and walls as you can see in the picture. The second layer of façade is covered by large windows, permitting a close connection to the city.

Danial is set on 320 square meter rectangular shaped land. The plan was constructing a 7 –story building covering 1344 sqm, including 5 residential apartments in 5 volumes, each volume covers 165 sqm. Parking and main entrance are located on Ground floor and recreation facilities (indoor pool, sauna and Jacuzzi) are set in the basement

Architects: Reza Sayadian + Sara Kalantary
Location: Tehran, Iran
Associate Architect: Hamidreza Razmaria
Year: 2012
Area: 1,344 sqm
Construction: tdcoffice
Structure: Mohammad Fathi
Client: Nazila Ansari
Photographs: Alireza Behpour



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