Islamic Cemetery in Altach by Bernardo Bader

The design of a cemetery is based on the beliefs and their funeral rites, which in turn say a lot about the particular understanding of nature and social relations.

This fact should also be shown clearly in the new cemetery project for Muslims in Vorarlberg.

Regardless of religious orientation, is the two forms of Christian and Muslim burial site in common, that the cemetery was the first garden. As the real ‘Urgarten’ it is characterized by the cultivation of its soil and its clearly defined from surface.

When creating a garden for the first time a piece of land is bounded and clearly delineated against the wilderness.

The aim of the design is a very open and clearly laid out the overall concept. A delicate weave of wall panels in various heights frame the graves and the built-structure. The ‘finger-like’ grave-scale fields allow implementation in stages, – the grave fields extend into  the pristine landscape. The planned grave fields are bordered by low walls and form separate rooms. They are each divided into a compact area for organized grave burials and a small room with sitting-bench.

The range of the required facilities are developed from the topic out of the wall. The result is a total investment of grave fields appropriate header.

Architects: Bernardo Bader
Location: Altach, Vorarlberg, Austria
Project Year: 2012
Project Area: 8,400 sqm
Photographs: Adolf Bereuter, Nikolaus Walter, Peter Allgäuer, Bernardo Bader



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