Ca’Paco by Equipo Olivares Arquitectos

The house is located on the road to Tejina, in an area called Pozo Cabildo, with heavy traffic and close topographic references as (Mesa Mota) or further ones as (el Teide) as unique relevant points.

In front of the plain scenery, the absence of references, the humidity of La Laguna, the proximity of the road and the orography, we try to count on an own topography, so that the resulting volume, focused on the interior, allows to get intimacy at the same time as to provide with sights to the mountains and the setting sun. In this way, the basalt stone covers a compact volume and its gabble roof is covered by soil and a carpet of plants: the roof is a part of the garden.

The plants are organized through an access courtyard (tilted to the setting sun) towards which the indoor swimming pool and kitchen are pointed. Through a corridor people can go into the interior through this courtyard (plant-lined at an inferior level) from the south side. The interior is planned as a roomy space, flexible by means of folding and sliding doors that can be used as hall, sitting-room, dining-room and also study room. A wing facing east has got bathroom, dressing room and bedroom.

Materials refer to scenery and climate (thick stone walls, underfloor heating, gardened roof deck, crossed ventilation and gardens provide the house with a suitable thermal balance. They are intended to grow up with the house to appreciate the passage of time. So, materials as concrete, basalt stone and wood are the real protagonists.  An orange tree in the middle of the courtyard welcomes you with its colour and orange blossom.

On the other hand, it has been taken into account the course of the sun and the time of maximum sun exposure, opening wide holes to the east, south and west and thus, letting in the hall, stairs and bathrooms the natural light and the heat of the sun.

Architects: Equipo Olivares Arquitectos
Location: Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
Design Team: Javier Pérez-Alcalde Schwartz, Fernando Aguarta García, Fermín García Morales
Project Year: 2007
Promotor: Francisco Delgado González
Builder: Jesús Lorenzo Construcciones S.L.
Photographs: Lluís Casals



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