Ginza Steak Tajima by Doyle Collection

Shiny wooden paneled walls surround the interior along with the counter. These panels exude dignity and the texture create tension and high-quality mood. “Ginza Steak TAJIMA” made its grand opening at Ginza, Tokyo, one of the leading cities in Japan.

Initially, our client’s needs were to create high quality and dignity interior using genuine materials. After having further hearing, we noticed that our client was always very familiar with stones. Firstly, we proposed the idea of using solid board panels instead of stones to constitute the walls. As for the base, we cut out big horse chestnut solid board panels into 13 mm thickness, commonly used for making counters with one piece. These specially-manufactured panels have different grain pattern expressions.

The panels are then laid and pasted to produce symmetric appearance. Apparently, they look like marbles, but you can still feel the warmth of the wood. Moreover, we deliberately used 3 different types of dyeing process. In this way, you will discover even more rhythmic feelings, aspects, and the shadings in the wall. Lastly, we finished up by polishing clear paints in order to make shiny surface, yet leaving the wooden texture. We were able to create totally new-type-material.

Apart from this, we avoided using ordinary stones and woods. We selected Oya-stones (very famous stones that represent Japan). To make contrast with the shiny wooden panels, we pasted various sized glides of Oya-Stones. As for the wooden door of hanging cupboards, the surfaces are curved in the technique called Naguri, also famous for Japanese traditional curving.

And for the private dining room, transmissive stones occupy the whole wall and grids made with mirrored square pipes are used for the interior. You will feel something very special here through these infinite beauties of the stones.

“Ginza Steak TAJIMA” offers full course meal of Kobe Beef and clam that are recognized worldwide. We are glad to present our design and thoroughly detailed interior. There are no other characteristic restaurants like here.

Architect: Doyle Collection – Aiji Inoue
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Project Area: 103.95 sqm
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: Satoshi Umetsu/ Nacasa&Partners



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