Philip Morris by Mimari Studio

Philip Morris SA Güneşli D.C. Office project, is the first realization of the concept design selected in a limited design competiton held in May 2008. Driving force behind the comtemporary design is to provide an open work space that promotes communication between employees, improves company work performance and dynamism. Premises consists of two building blocks, “office building” and “annex building”, with entrances accross from eachother.

Office building itself consists of one floor of 3 open work space bays; named A, B and C; which extend a total of 100 meters, that make up a 2500 squaremeter floor plate. Entrance to the office building is through a 315 squaremeter main entrance/reception hall. Annex building consists of two floor plates of 710 squaremeters that house an auditorium on the lower level, and a restaurant on the upper level.

Main entrance/reception hall houses a new circular main staircase for circulation, while existing stairs and elevators provide circulation between bays A-B and B-C. Bays A and B support private offices, individual and communal work spaces, where as bay C is programmed to be the meeting hub, which consists of a large meeting room with foyer, and meeting rooms of various sizes.

Raised floor in office space provides flexibility for future while floor materials vary according to space programmes. 4 color PVC floor material is used in circulation spaces, while carpet tile in work spaces and ceramic tiles are used in back of house areas. Large meeting room floor pattern is rendered with large panels of engineered wood floor material.

Since the existing waffles labstucture of the building is left exposed, acoustics in the works paces is achieved with the use of acoustic algysum wall and ceiling panels along with custom designed mill work units positioned between open work spaces. Custom designed mill work units on both sides of main circulation support corporate images on one side and double as TV and white board walls, copy stations and beverage stations facing open work spaces.

Auditorium and restaurant programmes are placed on separate floors in the two storey “Annex Building”. Auditorium level includes one 180 person multi purpose room, various training rooms and a personal development room. On this level, circulation doubles as auditorium foyer and relaxation space for daily use. Circulation space and foyer in the restaurant level could be included in the dining room to host large banquets.

Professional ligthing design services rendered per space and programme, provide adequate lighting with carefully positioned light fixtures. To be able to provide a balanced lighting within the premises throughout the day, fully automated lighting controls are integrated in to the design. Access ramps at building entrance and elevators within the building provide access for persons with disabilities.

Architects: Mimari Studio
Location: Gunesli, Istanbul, Turkey
Customer: Philip Morris SabanciPazarlama ve Satış A.S.
Built Area: 4,300 sqm
Completion: 2010
Designers: Onder Kul & Ayca Akkaya Kul
General Contractor: Menderes Dilek (TashanArchirtecture& Construction)
Electrical Contractor: Yesan
Mechanical Contractor: Tesyap
Photographs: Gürkan Akay



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