Private Residence In La Gorce by Touzet Studio

The Client brief included over 16,000 sf of program and the request that the plan organizationshould follow the basic layout of the 1926 Carl Fisher Estate, a property he had once owned. The program was divisible into three distinct groupings: a main house that contained the primary public and private areas; a guest pavilion; a service structure that contained servant quarters, garage, secure storage, mechanical rooms and power plant.

The main house consists of a large volume intersected by a number of variously expressed elements that house particular portions of the program: the master bedroom suite is housed within a cantilevered glass and stucco element that looks over a strip of private beach and the +110 foot reflecting pool (that contains a pool and spa). The family room fills a high-ceilinged glass and stucco wedge that hangs over the front garden.

The breakfast room is a glass box that extends beyond the main volume to capture views of Indian Creek and the morning sun. The main vertical element, at the core of the residence, is a 25’ diameter void that houses a partially suspended stair that spirals from a 9’ width at the ground level to a 3.5’ width at the roof garden on the third level.

Architects: Touzet Studio – Carlos Prio-Touzet, Jacqueline Gonzalez
Location: La Gorce Island, Miami Beach, Florida, USA
Building Area: 17,871 sqm
Date of Completion: October 2008
Photographs: Mark Surloff



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