Chameleon Restaurant by Za architects

Chameleon is a design of a dynamic interior which adapts to changing environment and can serve various purposes. The interior of the restaurant adapts to changing environment in the same way as the chameleon changes its color depending on its mood. The created space of the restaurant constantly resorts to mimicry and adaptation.

Certain Systems are subject to change:
1. Spatial System (volumes, lines, objects)
2. Lighting (natural light, artificial light, shadows)
3. Atmosphere (fire, water, scents, plants)
4. Materials (color, texture, patterns)
5. Sounds (music, other sounds)
6. Virtual System (digital menu, video, automatic control)

Each of these systems changes in order to alter the overall atmosphere for breakfast, lunch, dinner or special occasions, such as private dinner, banquet, business meeting or conference. The whole restaurant undergoes gradual transformation ñ a small part is only transformed at a time.

The project features the use of modular furniture that takes various forms (chairs connected to each other with magnet) for different purposes, partitions that fold in a variety of ways, extendable pergolas that can change their size and shape, collapsible chairs, lanterns with lifting mechanisms.

All these features will bring about desired transformations and changes in atmosphere. Besides, various elements of decor will change as well to the same end. Thus, there will be moveable fountains in the morning, flower pots on wheels in the afternoon, and dry fuel fireplaces and candles in the evening.

The main idea behind the choice of decor elements is to create a home-like interior. People always long for homely atmosphere while staying in a hotel. Therefore, the images and patterns are chosen in such a way so as to evoke sweet associations with home.

Architects: Za architects – Arina Agieieva, Dmitry Zhuikov
Location: Worldwide
Year: 2011
Area: 400 sqm
Renders: Eugen Chernopissky, Arina Agieieva



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