Serramar Parque Shopping by Aflalo and Gasperini Arquitects

The proposal was to develop a mall for tourists and also for the residents in the Northern Coast of São Paulo State.

For being a coastal city, the first aspect considered was the location. A land located in an undeveloped region of the city with front for a boulevard and an extra 600 meters offset from the sea.

Some aspects of the surroundings were analyzed such as the presence of a stream, the direction of prevailing wind and possible future infrastructure extension of Tamoios Road. Linking the coast to São Paulo city.

The inspiration was a natural consequence of the place, along with successful experiences of shopping as we know it. We created an open space concept integrated with the nature, different from the concept of a closed Mall. The option for an opened ground floor mall with planted wooded courtyards was developed to compliment and to highlight the beach climate. The blocks of shops were deployed in an irregular and angled shape, set apart from each other in order to allow a natural ventilation and enabling a dynamic movement. Keeping the original iconic architectural ideas, we did a study of the volumetry of the building blocks of stores with the same angled design. This simple form and expression secured a strong identity to the architecture, drawing the attention of the public whom passes by.

To enrich the panoramic view of the Serra da Mantiqueira, the food court is opened to outside of the Mall. It consists in an enclosed area with transparent glass and air conditioning, and an external deck that gives a pleasant contemplation to the mountains and to the stream. The finish of the blocks is simple, with textured monolithic mass and covered with a brown corrugated metal plate detail.

Mechanical ventilation was implemented to enhance the air quality or the circulation. The only air-conditioned areas are the food court and the shops. To create a cozy ambiance, a composition with bright predominance is used. For example, the yellowish bamboo louvers to shade and provide protection to circulation on that compliments wooden tones found in the inner squares.

The Serramar Parque Shopping has approximately 20.3 thousand square meters of gross Floor Area (GFA), with 100 stores, including anchors shops and retail stores, besides a supermarket, a home center, food court with fast food and family restaurants, four cinemas and 1000 parking spaces.

Architects: Aflalo and Gasperini Arquitects
Location: São Paulo
Principal Architects: Roberto Aflalo, Felipe Aflalo e Giancarlo Gasperini; co-author/coordinator: Grazzieli Gomes, Carlos Alberto, Eduardo Crafig; collaborators: Eduardo Mizuka, Reginaldo Okusako, André Navarro, Daniela Mungai, Mario de Bem, Marcio Henrique Guarnieri, Anelise Bertolini Guarnieri
Built Area: 30,303.25 sqm
Site Size: 119,000 sqm
Scope: Schematic Design / Construction Documents
Project Construction: 2011
Photographs: Daniel Ducci



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