Porreres Medical Center by MACA Estudio

The starting point for the design process of the new Porreres Health Center began with a restrictive urban regulation that required the construction of three floors to host the center’s functional program in the small available section of the plot.

In this way, a public square is opened to the front of the building with street access, and a private parking area is placed at the back of the plot. The resulting volume is almost a cube, which is modulated by dividing the width into five equal parts and the depth into three parts.

The medical practices are placed toward the interior of the plot, looking northeast to avoid excessive sun exposure. The auxiliary program is distributed in the main elevation, facing southwest with sun protection over the windows.

Special attention was paid to the design of the public spaces: waiting areas and circulation, the central space of the building, providing them with big openings to the south. These openings are marked on the main façade by steel boxes that endow views and natural light while generating a recognizable image of the building.

The building´s economic restrictions have led to propose a simple construction that allows the execution of the work in a short time, with reduced costs but at the same time, without compromising quality or functional space.

Architects: MACA Estudio
Location: Porreres, Mallorca, Spain
Client: Servei Salut de Illes Balears
Project Team: Christian Álvarez, Jorge Garrudo, Noelia Álvarez
Project Year: 2011
Project Area: 900 sqm
Photographs: Jaime Sicilia




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