FIU FIU Boutique by BudCud and Marcin Kwietowicz

Young architects dream about designing and building big houses; however, the reality is quite the opposite, leaving them to work on small scale commissions. FiuFiu boutique is one of those petite spaces, and its concept is based on the yearning for making homes even out of paper mache.

Bright forms on frigid blue background recall the enchanted atmosphere of Scanidinavian landscape (or its imaginary archetype), because all the shop items originate from there. The extra long gable house, looking like being freehand drawn by a child, is cut in three with red steel blades and slightly shifted to create complementary space for a cash desk, a fitting room and storage space.

Each of acquired spaces is furnished with the same simple items such as rails, ledges and lamps. Steel coulisses optically shorten long, enlighten only from one side room and encourage a passer-by to enter the shop and indulge in the scandinavian atmosphere.

When looking at the small houses from the outside, it is finally possible to see their genuine nature- solid and beautiful wooden structure. Raw carpentry is emphasized by the use of the volume’s snow white interiors.

This nordic fairy tale cottage was put ‘ad hoc’ in an existing space, where the only inference was painting the walls and ceiling in one color. The light reflected from these plains enters the houses, making the shop interior appear even lighter and more spacious.

Architects: BudCud and Marcin Kwietowicz
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Client: Fiu Fiu Concept Magdalena Wołosz
Project Year: 2011
Project Area: 31 sqm
Photographs: Jan Smaga



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