SRR House by Silvestre Navarro Architects

Silvestre Navarro Architects designed the SRR house for a carpenter in Valencia, Spain.

The customer. Carpenter. Someone who comes to us for personal confidence. Someone who does not seek an architecture that has seen or has lived before and where he felt the happiness of the visitor (Alvaro Siza “Living a House”). A customer for whom the house is only a floor and a ceiling. This abstraction is what motivates our project.

Obviously, the processes of gestation are more complex, really are a series of trial and error, generally through exploratory drawings, simple models and complex conversations.

In this project, all these ideas are materialized in a plane of concrete. One element that wants to be all. A plane, a material that is folded upon itself to form a space,  to be both a floor and a ceiling, to be a house.

Photography by Diego Opazo



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