Cloud II Apartment by Krueck & Sexton Architects

After developing and falling in love with a building he created, the client decided to make the penthouse apartment his home. It was a space that should embody quality and engage the Lake, sky, and city vistas beyond.

The program request was 3-part: to create an exciting space for entertainment, to design an inspiring place to live every day, and to provide a welcoming retreat where family and friends could come together. It was important that natural light was brought deep into the space and that the space was simultaneously visually open and acoustically private.

As the highest residential space in the city of Milwaukee, the restrained palette of the project reinforces the idea that one is up in the clouds. It also gives way to an expressive glass stairway at the center of the space, linking the main living level to the more private level above. This stairway provides a void in the middle of the space which allows natural light from above to infiltrate through the glass enclosure to an otherwise dark entry below.

The ribbon-like stairway, and its patterned glass scrim, appears to dance as one moves through the apartment. Anchored by an illuminated onyx plinth, the glass treads, and prismatic enclosure above, glow as the space unfolds between the two floors.
The client felt it was important to allow the space to be an artwork itself while also providing a backdrop for the changing horizon and views below. For this reason, materials were chosen for their lightness and the minimal detailing on the interior allows one to focus on the city views beyond.

Architects: Krueck & Sexton Architects
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
General Contractor: J.H. Findorff and Sons
Project Year: 2009
Project Area: 6,500 sqf
Photographs: William Zbaren



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