Jordan Invest Bank by Symbiosis Designs LTD

The intent of the concept design for the Invest Bank projects was to overcome the traditional negative perceptions which associated with institutional, bureaucratic and stuffy environment as well as being a dreaded chore, not a destination for a pleasant experience, and to make a leap forward into a new pleasant culture of banking experience. The new brand environment promotes a young and progressive, clean cut, energetic, efficient, innovative and creative, approachable and socially responsible banking.

The concept is a new hybrid borrowing experiential tactics from three other typologies. Distinct materials associated with the three typologies carry many meanings by subliminal experiential association. Those very meanings constituted the residual quality intended for the bank.

From the art gallery, the minimal, bright and uplifting spatial manifestations were brought to play. Intimacy, distinctiveness and innovativeness were borrowed from themed boutique hotels; while harmony, serenity, congeniality and sensual ambiguity were borrowed from wellness sanctuaries. Intertwining all these qualities, the bank became a modern pleasant experience that eliminated clutter and visual noise and also made the bank friendly, approachable and distinctively innovative in its many clean details, simple lines in addition to custom detailed material assemblies.

Architect: Symbiosis Designs LTD
Location: Amman, Jordan
Project Team: Khalid Nahhas, Ramiz Ayoub, Nisreen Al-Far, Faiha Khazna Katbi, Firas Rhaibeh, Rawan Kakish, Widyan Al- Khaldi, Mariam Ellala, Zaid Kakish
Structural Engineer: International Designers Engineers
Electrical/Mechanical Engineer: Spectrum Mep.
Client: Jordan Investment Finance Bank
Project Area: 1,000 sqm
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: Rasem Kamal / Symbiosis Designs LTD



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