Cloudy House by LASC studio

The Cloudy House is an extension of a 1930′s house, which had become too small for the young and expanding family in residence. The roof of the existing house seems to stretch out over the extension, giving the extension a dynamic and contemporary expression, while clearly communicating its origin from the existing building. The shape of the extension sensitively picks up existing features like roof angles and windows placements of the old house. An angled terrace allows for new views to the garden, its edge consists of a built-in bench that seems to fold out of the facade.

The horizontally ribbed wood facade emphasizes the appearance of the new roof unfolding from the existing house. The decreasing density of the horizontals adds to this dynamic expression. The extension meets the existing house through large windows, allowing light to enter both, while creating a subtle connection between the two.

Inside, a massive wooden loft hovers over the new living room. The enclosure of the loft is translucent and allows light to pass through to the living room from the large dormer window above. The loft is suspended from the ceiling by thin steel rods that stress the floating and cloud-like appearance.

The loft is reached through a wooden ladder that stands on a concrete platform, connecting the old with the new. The loft is intended as a bedroom. With atelier-like windows offering a view to the stars and treetops, one sleeps as if on a cloud on a starry night.

The translucent enclosure reveals merely shadows of what happens behind, adding to the ephemeral character of the extension. From within the loft the effect is opposite—the enclosure secludes the space from the living room by blurring the immediate context.
All the windows in the extension are placed flush with the interior walls, making the walls appear thin and bright. During the day, the large oversized windows let light into both the extension and into the existing part of the house. At night, the illuminated translucent walls light up the living room, creating a paradoxical atmosphere that simultaneously combines intimacy and openness.

Architects: LASC studio
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: Stamers Kontor



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