Hi-lo Store by Architect David Guerra

Architect David Guerra has designed the Hi-lo store in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

The clothing store follows the High and Low style, in a mix of opposites with recognized, young, conceptual and basic brands. The concept extends for the interior architecture, in a contrast of colors, materials and sensations. The front view, in latticework 40x40cm, has a metallic pinky red beam. In the area of clothing exposition, the lightness and romanticism were explored by using the colors white, silver and dry golden. Contrasts between French wallpapers on the screens, the buttoned fabric in the service area and the work in lace-trimmed on the wall, made of Tetra Park boxes by the artist Léo Piló, make the environment gentle for choosing clothes. In the dressing-rooms area, the red and pink colors assume the role of seduction, glamour, passion and sensuality, the transformation of a star. Every star has a stage. Red curtains, buttoned panels, indirect lightning, multiple mirrors, satin sofa, vintage chandelier and bookshelf with stylist feet create a scenario, where the protagonist is the customer.

Photographer – Jomar Bragança



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