The Atlantic Restaurant by Blackmilk Interior Design

The Atlantic Restaurant is inspired by the famous New York meat packing district and the hustle and bustle of the fish markets of years gone by, in New York and Chicago. Singling out weathered timbers, vintage paintings and photographs, and incorporating elements of the traditional Persian rug into the carpet, but with more of a homely feel as contributing to the theme.

The Atlantic is a 300 seat restaurant that is defined by an industrial aesthetic incorporating steel framed glass, screens and varying floor heights to create a series of private dining rooms with nautical names like “The Cabins” and the “Engine Room” loosely inscribed in silicone on the dividing glass doors.

The edgy space of industrial finishes is coloured with the seascape and has the feel of the old seafood markets of New York.

Architects: Blackmilk Interior Design
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Builder: Schiavello
Feature Carpets: Rugs Carpets and Design
Feature Lighting: Libertine Chandeliers
Photographs: Earl Carter, Laura Manariti



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