Lumini Shop by Rocco, Vidal + arquitetos

The idea was to create a trend inviting project to the customer. A large box with brown color on and a tear on the side shows the window and the light from inside and from outside.

The same material that was used in the parking lot was also used at the entrance and showcase creates a situation that invites the clients to know the space and enjoy the sensation of height differences.

The ladder that makes access to these environments is quite evident so the clients and the staff can move freely between the levels. And also creates a clear and nice ambient.

The two inputs of natural light interact with all the internal lighting of the store shows the simplicity and smart use of light.

A elegant and contemporary project.

Architects: Rocco, Vidal + arquitetos
Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Engineering: Souza Lima Construtora
Structure: Ideal Projetos de Engenharia
Lighting design: Franco e Fortes Lighting design
Wiring project: Aloeletrica
Photographs: Nelson Kon



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