Svitato Clothes Hanger by Andrea Vecera

Created by Andrea Vecera.

From the ashes of an old fibreglass mould for the production of road humps, in the dusty warehouses of a big broom company there takes shape the SVITATO, a clothes hanger that looks like an alien. The shape of the well-known “urban panettone” is divided and dug in order to find lightness and elegance, the whole emphasized by the use of lightened cement. On the top of the base some standard threaded bushings are plunged, coming from a threading die, in which the wooden broomsticks are screwed like the spokes of a wheel. The SVITATO is a “being” born from the decomposition of materials left by men on the earth according to the law of mass preservation:“nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed.


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