Concrete House in Buenos Aires by Vanguarda Architects

The main feeling that the home conveys is a sense of defiance of gravity and space. With its large spans of glass that take advantage of the house’s relationship to the environment, the space seems almost larger than life.

With an expansive surface area of 500 m2 distributed across 9 rooms, the ground floor is home to the social sector of the house. Here you will find the living room, dining room, kitchen with breakfast bar, and TV room, as well the outdoor barbecue and patio (gallery).

Each space in the house features a special design selected according to the way of life of its owners, and remains true to the rational current style that is perceived in each and every corner.

On the upper floor, find the master suite with a spacious bathroom and private dressing room. At the other end of the floor, two secondary suites are connected by a glass corridor that opens onto a balcony, generating a sense of integration and flow.

The whole house is designed in perfect harmony, with materials such as wood, steel, and glass found throughout. The seriousness of the style is broken by the use of bright colors on some of the walls, as well as on the furnishings.

The union of the spaces creates a sense of endlessness, taking full advantage of the environment. generates an endless spatiality, wich was thought to take advantage of the environment, that ends with an dematerialized surround that covers the architectural box.

Architects: Vanguarda Architects
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Project area: 502 sqm
Project year: 2010
Photographs: Luis Abregú


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