Lombard Street Townhouse by Mark Tracy of Chemical Spaces

American interior designer Mark Tracy of Chemical Spaces has completed a townhouse interior on Lombard Street in San Francisco, California.

Mark Tracy describes the design as, “a clean, modern design with color and character to serve as a weekend getaway in the heart of San Francisco.” This five-story townhouse on San Francisco’s famed Lombard street, is designed level by level, each having it’s own distinct feel. The fifth and top floor is a bright, artistic, modern design anchored by a custom HZL Henzel rug on metallic silver hardwood floors with direct views of Alcatraz and the bay. The fourth floor offers a sleek modern kitchen with Scavolini cabinets, beside a lounge with a fireplace surrounded by Italian red porcelain tile. Exposed concrete flooring extends from the kitchen and lounge to the dining area which sits beside a party terrace with views of the city.

The third floor hosts the master bedroom and bath, while the first and second floors open to a dance-club-like party area. The stand-out features include a steel catwalk with glass flooring, 160” retractable movie screen, bar with built-in 80’s-style arcade game, RGB LED dance club lighting, and fifteen 60” squares of custom art and mirrors which float up the walls and ceiling, each back-lit with LED lighting.

Photography by David Marquardt



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