House In Scottsdale by Allen + Philp Architects

A simple home of the desert, that respects the desert, enhances the site

This house, consisting of two parts is gently perched side saddle to the mountain ridge, joining the main slope with a rocky knoll. The two pieces express their two primary uses; the living area a lantern-like pavilion set above the desert floor to minimize the intrusion into the natural desert; the private spaces, solid against the mountain slope sheltered from the desert sun and heat.

This house is entered from below by ascending the (metaphorical) canyon stair represented by liquid cast bronze, the desert stone turned up into the surrounding and supporting walls, sky lit above, a glass drapery acting like the desert flora of the canyons. Perched on the knoll the pavilion has 360 degree views of the desert valley, the rocky knoll and the surrounding desert mountains. Living, Cooking and Eating are contained in this pavilion. All interior spaces expand to the outside with surrounding cantilevered terraces and a pool

Bridging the house entry, set tight against the mountain slope the second volume contains rooms for sleeping and privacy. In contrast to the Living pavilion, this piece is more solid, more cave like. Constructed of desert stone turned up as walls, stucco colored to the desert floor and deeply sheltered glass to help embrace and connect to the desert mountain slope.

Materials are kept simple and few: concrete, steel, high performance glass, stone with accents of stucco for color and material differentiation. Materials are always separated by reveals or they are treated as layers, overlapping each other, but not touching.

Architects: Allen + Philp Architects / Interiors
Location: Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
Builder: Linthicum Corporation
Interior designer: David Michael Miller Associates
roject area: 7,450 sqf
Project year: 2008
Photographs: Timmerman Photography



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