Residence in Kurakuen by NRM-Architects Office

The program called for a main residence and a working space. The house and office are two separate independent entities however have a seamless relationship. There are two entrances to the building, including a three car garage and carriage porch to receive visitors. According to the architects the design of these elements stemmed from what the site demanded.

Situated on a challenging flag-shaped site, this building is barely visible from the main road. The main structural material for this two-story home and office space is reinforced concrete.

The building itself is intercepted with a circumference and the southern face’s depth and space communicate a feeling of freedom by taking and making use of the surrounding landscape in the design of a garden in the inside space.

The architects consciously engaged the environment providing offered tranquil spaces with water, wind, sky.

Architects: NRM-Architects Office
Location: Hyougo, Japan
Design: Shunichiro Ninomiya and Tomoko Morodome
Project Area: 340 sqm
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Eiji Tomita



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