MTM Spa, Shanghai by PAL Design

A principal of Minimalism Aesthetic, where the space design emphasizes on extreme leisure and comfort, have an experience of a journey from body relax to soul touch. This brand Spa by MTM achieved the successful business in Hong Kong first branch. The booming development of spa business extended to Mainland China. Thus the retail design inspiring a contemporary natural artistic approach is the extension of the brand concept into new branch at Shanghai.
Space is invisible, integrated with the function of spa through the natural elements, and created a sense of chic, comfort and silent. Concerning the spread of Line, curved wood stripes extend from main lobby to every spa treatment room. An arc ceiling or stripe partition enhances the beauty of peace. Prime material Wood with curved shape expresses unique architectural form in a perfect art craft. A quiet moment is well issued by simple woodcarving art.

White is main colour tone for pure, freshness and nature ingenuity match with green as cheerful touch tone. Moreover, subtle application for lighting provides an attentively consideration from bright lobby switching dim light to the corridor for its serene refinement. Every treatment room designs in dedicate details for serving clients to enjoy meticulous spa touch.

Architect: PAL Design Consultants Ltd, Patrick Leung
Location: Shanghai, China
Photographs:  Courtesy of PAL Design



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