Icup II_Synthetic Landscape by APHIDoIDEA

Using 4,000 paper cups and 15,000 staples, APHIoIDEA’s newest installation is gracefully suspended from the ceiling, creating a new spatial experience in previously un-utilized storefronts. The architectural installation is part of PHANTOM GALLERIES, an organization that places temporary installations in vacant storefront windows throughout LA to instantly form a new public art gallery.

Using a mundane material, the installation transforms the ordinary paper cup into the principal design component responsible for creating this almost other worldly object. The abstract landscape gently cascades and tumbles across the space due to its motion system – a motion/heat sensor that activates the crankshaft to rotate the cups.

The installation calls attention to the paper cup, a disposable entity that last an average of 10-15 minutes, and fosters a new relationship between user and object. “This installation seeks to counteract the ordinary relationship between the user and the object through challenging assumptions and ideas regarding inconsequential consumption and invisible waste by shedding light on the throw-away paper cup,” explained the designers.

Art / Architectural Installation Title: Icup II_Synthetic Landscape
Installation By: APHIDoIDEA: Jesus Magaña / Andrew Hernandez / Jackie Muñoz / Paulina Bouyer / JJ Paredes
Curator: Efren Luna / Phantom Galleries Opening / Released : 07-10-10 / Open now @122 E. 3rd Street Long Beach, CA 90802
Special Thanks: Jarod Allen, Carlos Hernandez, Alma Muñoz, Andre Bouyer



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