Lofts Yungay II by Rearquitectura

Lofts Yungay II by Rearquitectura

Chilean architects Antonio Menéndez Ferrer and Cristian Barrientos Vera of Rearquitectura have designed the Lofts Yungay II in Valparaíso, Chile.

The geographical conditions are fundamental design choices. The building is located on a site with steep slope at the front is the back that overlooks a ravine. One of the great urban values of Valparaiso was the respect with which the buildings were constructed and adjusted to the geography of hills and ravines. The landscape consists of a series of small volumes of various sizes and colors, houses, and despite the individuality of each house the result is a harmonious whole.

Yungay Lofts II is configured as a series of volumes integrated into the geography of the hill and overlooking the ocean.

The project aims to integrate into the urban landscape, by trying to solve the problem of an apartment building in a neighborhood of detached houses. To do so, the building was divided into several smaller volumes, each containing a housing unit and a loft. These units are distinguished externally by the color and level offset. These differences in level allow the building to fit the geography and respect the slope and each loft to have an ocean view from the terrace, the patio or balcony.



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