The Glenwood Residence by Wernerfield

The Glenwood Residence by Wernerfield

Wernerfield Architects have designed the Glenwood Residence in Dallas, Texas.

from Wernerfield:
The Glenwood residence is organized around a central pool courtyard. The main living space and master suite all open onto the courtyard through a series of floor to ceiling mahogany and glass sliding panels that seamlessly integrate interior and exterior. Deep overhangs along these spaces serve to protect the home from the harsh Texas sun and create a generous covered outdoor living area.

Designed to follow the natural site topography, one descends into the courtyard through a steel gate and series of stone walls that run the width of the site and divide public and private space. Sited around the main natural feature, a massive oak, the home is designed to sit quietly within its surroundings. From the street, the second story office and guest room are pushed to the rear of the site and obscured by this oak to reduce the overall scale of the home. A natural, yet minimal material palette constructed with rigorous and exacting detail also make the home feel both inviting and modern. A number of environmental features including geothermal heating and cooling, energy star appliances, regional building materials (such as Granbury Texas limestone), and a high performance building envelope are all incorporated into the project.

Photography by: Steve Hinds Inc.



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