CVA House by Materia Arquitectónica

CVA House by Materia Arquitectónica


Materia Arquitectónica have designed the CVA House in Mexico City.

from Materia Arquitectónica:
Located in the outskirts of Mexico City, the project was designed for a relaxed life-styled family. The long rectangular shaped site was constrained on 3 sides by other houses leaving only a short front access face. The house lives around a patio that serves as the continuation of the interior spaces. The design created a series of episodes along the house defined by the use of natural light and materials.

The private spaces are defined by organic or curved volumes while the public spaces hold a more rectilinear and transparent character. The curved surfaces generate textures and shadows using traditional hand made Mexican brick as a lineal weave. These surfaces contrast with the glass and exposed concrete elements. The design sought a character made of continuous exercises of contrast: public vs. private, heavy vs. light, light vs. shadow; thus resulting in a contemporary expression of crafted materials.

Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Design: Materia Arquitectónica. Gustavo Carmona, Lisa Beltrán, Juan Paredes.
Area: 335 m2
Year: 2009
Construction: Materia Arquitectónica
Structural: Gerardo Pastrana
Fixed Furniture: Juan Paredes
Photography: Alberto Mora



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