Patrick Cox Shop by Sinato

Patrick Cox Shop by Sinato


The interior design of Patrick Cox shop who sells bags, leather goods and accessories.

The shop is in a 17-story building Tokyo’s fashion-centric Aoyama district and it is only a few steps inside the building’s main entrance. The important point of this shop seemed to be lighting. The products can shine and get a better look if the light source is close by, not shining down from the ceiling.

So I positioned each of cylindrical steel pendant fixtures directly over a corresponding display pedestal. These fixtures provide most of the lighting in the space without the lighting from the ceiling.

As a result, this space gets unique conditions such as “dark in above and well-lighted in below”. The gradation of the wall is a promotion of it and at the same time, the pendant fixtures cut the void and shape the space.

Pathways in the shop seem to meander beneath a canopy formed by the largest of the drum shades.

Architects: Sinato – Chikara Ohno
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Use: Shop
Project year: 2009
Constructed area: 79 sqm
Photographs: Toshiyuki Yano



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