The Royal Norwegian Embassy, Nepal by Kristin Jarmund Architects

The Royal Norwegian Embassy, Nepal by Kristin Jarmund Architects


Norway-based Kristin Jarmund Architects has designed The Royal Norwegian Embassy located in Kathmandu, Nepal.

from Kristin Jarmund Architects:
The aim of the projects was to create a representative yet modest building which presents Norway in a modern and quality conscious way…This form gives the house a” face” while at the same time allowing the rooms on the first floor to have a view to the Himalayas. The zig-zag formed ”Himalayan window” mirrors the mountain range in the distance.

Building’s name: The Royal Norwegian Embassy
Address: Lalitpur, Kathmandu, Nepal
Completed: June 2008, officially opened on the 18. august 2008
Client: Statsbygg og Utenriksdepartementet
Architect: Kristin Jarmund Arkitekter AS v/Kristin Jarmund, MNAL/MNIL
Project architect: Graeme Ferguson, Chartered Architect RIBA
Interior architect: Linda Evensen, MNIL
Landscape architect: Multiconsult AS, 13,3 Landscape Architects
Consultants: Archiplan, Kathmandu
Brutto area: 830 kvm
Construction cost: 18 millioner kr
Photo: Guri Dahl, Graeme Ferguson, Kristin Jarmund


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