Pacaembu Residence by Nave Arquitetos

Pacaembu Residence by Nave Arquitetos


This house at Pacaembu, an old residential garden district in São Paulo, has been designed for a recently married young couple. They had decided to demolish the former existing construction in order to build a new larger one that would better attend their needs.

The plot presents irregular form and topography and it is vastly covered by dense vegetation, a typical characteristic of that neighbourhood, which is protected by law.

The new house is set on a higher plateau and it is formed of two adjacent cubes connected by the staircase, glass boxes and terraces. The remaining area of the plot is free for the preserved garden.

The ground floor is occupied by service and social areas that open directly to the lawn. Private functions are located upstairs and a roof terrace has been created as an additional leisure space, taking advantage of the impressive view of the city’s skyline.

The structure is formed of seven concrete pillars located on the edges of the cubes, liberating space for a free plan. The wide openings receive extensive glass surfaces, providing abundant light into the house, as well as allowing the fruition of the views.

Architects: Nave Arquitetos Associados – Marcio N Coelho Jr, Roberto N Fialho, Valéria S Fialho
Location: Pacaembu, São Paulo, Brazil
Structural Consultant: Eng. Ricardo Zulques
Interior Design: Juliana Mammana
Landscape: Alexandre Fabbri Paisagismo – Alexandre Fabbri e Silvio Moreira Sanchez
Lighting Design: Foco Luz & Desenho – Junia Azenha e Ana Karina Camasmie
Design Year: 2005
Construction Year: 2006
Site Area: 637 sqm
Constructed Area: 380 sqm
Photographer: Nelson Kon



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