El Bosque offices by Mas y Fernández Arquitectos

El Bosque offices by Mas y Fernández Arquitectos


The commission consists in developing the interior architecture for the new investment department of an important Bank, located in the first and second floor of the El Bosque 500 building in Santiago, Chile.

The proposal tries to materialize a new corporate image in both projects, where the noble materials such as wood or travertine marble and granite take the main roles. We tried to give the interior spaces the warmth of natural lighting, generating a permeability of the vertical elements through the perimeter spaces, without losing the privacy that each one of these enclosures requires.

Preferential Banking

First floor
For the Preferential Banking, for a younger investor profile, more risky, with an interest in the search for differentiation, we propose a great central reception space, where the client interacts with the Banking in its whole, with inbuilt furniture in black granite and cedar wood. This, along with travertine marble conform a stop and stay space.

The program is divided in glazed volumes, allowing natural light to trespass from the outside to the interior space, volumes that filtered their faces to the exterior with wood lattices, generating a perfect solar control and providing the warmth that glass cannot provide. Towards the interior, the template glass panels have a film for the visual control of the working spaces.

The lighting also plays a role in the inner space atmosphere, by incorporating to the zenithal lighting on a global way and a series of hanging lamps are added to individualize the waiting room spaces.

Private Banking

Second Floor
The Private Banking has a more traditional approach, where wood is takes a preponderant role in its materiality. Perimeter enclosures still search for transparency in a more subtle way, generating a bigger privacy between them.

The central distribution spaces have a bigger scale, indirect lighting generate a privacy sensation required by the client. Towards the exterior, mañío wood lattices have been installed for the sun control and to homogenize the façade with the first floor, giving a sense of unit to the project.

Architects: Mas y Fernández arquitectos / Cristóbal Fernández, Andrés Mas
Location: Santiago, Chile
Associate Designers: Francisca Goycolea, Anita Domínguez
Collaborator: Claudio Tapia
Constructed Area: 2,260 sqm
Project year: 2008
Photographs: Nicolás Saieh & Daniela Vicuña



2 thoughts on “El Bosque offices by Mas y Fernández Arquitectos

  1. Hi,
    I am making a slide show for our company’s website and I would like to use some of the photos here. If you are the photographer, may we? and if not, do you have contact info for the photographer?


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