Francis Martin Library, Bronx


Modern library comes from 1100 Architect. White in background color mixed with very dynamic color make this library very nice for young people.


2 thoughts on “Francis Martin Library, Bronx

  1. Francis Martin was my paternal grandfather. I found these photos on the web serendipitously just a few moments ago. How incredibly, delightfully, visually cooool! What a terrific, aesthetically orgasmic (yes, I did!), and architecturally significant addition to dedicating this branch in his honor almost 55(?) years ago now!! And, most importantly, one that is so visually exciting that it will not just draw in people to use its available knowledge, it will suck them in like the Kansas cyclone that lifted Dorothy, Toto, and her farmhouse home up its funnel, “carried [them] miles and miles away as easily as you could carry a feather,” and let them down again, gently, at the beginning of their REAL adventures—- the ones before the first silent movie of the story was made in 1908, the ones that could only take place in the readers’ imaginations………


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