Giralot Storage System


Modern furniture is all about keeping in touch with the shades and textures of an existing home along with expanding the available space. The Giralot storage system incorporates a minimalistic design along that maximizes storage space with its unique swivel system. The entire system is based on container-like shelves that swivel 180-degrees on a column that rests on the floor and is fixed to a wall. They can all rotate individually and can adjust to the angle that you set them. Designed by Stefano Bettio, they come in both lacquered and mirror finish and are available in a range of attractive shades.


4 thoughts on “Giralot Storage System

    • Yea I wanna kno where I can buy this online I realy want it for my room I’m such a picky decorator and this swivel shelve is hot & I just wanna kno what website I can buy if off of online


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