Precise Measures While Doing Interiors

Precise Measures While Doing Interiors


If you failed math in school or hated triangles, this theory may go bouncers on you. I’m not giving you the Pythagorean theorem to prove but simply telling you of this handy device that could get you the perfectly angled walls and smooth looking interiors. The Red Point Measure is a digital measure that applies current laser ray measure techniques to mathematics formula of triangles by simply measuring a target from afar.

Comprising of two detective arms and a red light this is how the instrument is used:
“Just swing the two detective arms and use red light to point at the 2 ending points of target length, and then the length will be shown on the screen.”

Do away with the climbing up and down to the target, or asking someone to help you to measure big or long objects. Simply DIY!

Designer: Huang Qiaokun


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